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About Us

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This is who we are

California Box Rental was born when UCLA graduate Gary Grewal needed a way to group together all his belongings and transport them back home after graduation. After growing complaints of nowhere to find good boxes,Gary purchased a few plastic totes and loaned them to friends to help them move as well,and there you have it.

California Box rental strives to provide the most streamlined,stress-free moving experience possible,by eliminating the never ending task of finding,buying,and preparing flimsy cardboard boxes for packing. We take our service very seriously and hold customer satisfaction as our tallest company pillar.

Not only does renting moving boxes save you time,energy,money,and hair on your head,but you are also saving the environment by preventing that many used cardboard boxes,tape rolls,and used bubble wrap from filling landfills.

  • Boxes you can trust for your fine China collection.
  • Tape getting a little out of hand? No fun intended,but you won’t need it for our boxes!
  • Pack them,close the lid,and stack them. Go ahead and put the TV on top of the wine glasses.
  • How about the fridge? The couch? Your priceless mattress from college?...Aha! Straps!

Company Goals

Our mission is provide individuals and families with tools to relocate in the most convenient, eco-friendly, and stress-free manner possible. For most, moving is a hectic time where nerves are frayed and time is of essence.

California Box Rental provides our valued customers withefficient moving equipment that is safe for personal belongings, while protecting our environment and natural resources from depletion and unnecessary waste.